Wonder if you are aware of Rudolf Steiner's similar "spiritual scientific" theory that animals and humans all descended together from the spiritual to the physical plane. "Neither side develops from the other; instead both stem from the same common mixed form." says Arthur Auer about Steiner's theory. Animals were rather filtered out as humanity was distilled into physical form, "... all the qualities distributed throughout the animal kingdom were in the human being... Through this man was able to develop further [Translator)]." Humans reached a higher stage of individuation/autonomy at the expense of instinctual security. "The present insecurity is necessary to reach security at a higher stage. Man adapts himself to higher stages. Thus his becoming insecure is the guarantee that he becomes independent. To have remained secure denotes something that has not advanced to the point where the ego can work in the individual being." (from Steiner's Lecture GA 97)

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